5 Things We Can Learn From The #TLATSALEBALA Dream

Pastor Evan Mawarire will say “Dream big and make it happen”

Skilo Gee

May 6th 2017 was a very important day in the history of the Botswana Music Industry. The Botswana National Stadium was filled up to the brim by people from every corner of Botswana. Some people even came from neighboring countries to witness the historic event where a line-up consisting of only local musicians were performing in front of a huge vibrant audience who filled up the stadium. This was indeed a great achievement which was initiated, conducted and worked on to the end by one of the Local musician who goes by the name KAST. Who could have thought filling up the national stadium without inviting international musicians was doable? Well KAST did believe it was, and guess what, he did it! This is a great achievement worth celebrating and applauding and more importantly, we have to learn from it. Here are the 5 things we can derive and learn…

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In God’s light

Nice piece……

Peolwane In The Sky

I can come to the throne of grace boldly. It was never specified that who can come and who can’t. In God’s light, we are all equal. I encourage all the men of this modern society to emancipate themselves from the bonds of patriarchy, which was a tool developed by their forefathers to have their own way in society, which basically disesteem women. Especially men of faith.
Of course you can open the door for me! You might happen to be a much better handler of heavy oak doors. And of course I will cook for you. I have much better knowledge of spices and mixing things. But it can go either way. Regardless of that, faith in Jesus Christ has never put down anyone with regard to their genetic makeup.
The function of society has been for many centuries based on survival of the fittest and smartest competitors. While…

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I recently ran into an article highlighting

How we might perceive our fathers at

Different stages in live, I could relate well

To the article because it reminded me of my

Late father, Kruger, popularly known as

Moruti wa Venture in the village, then he

Was a monster, for at 10, watching age 13

Rated movie was out of bounds, this is a


Privilege we enjoyed in his absence, maybe

It was a testimony to that Setswana saying;

Naga e senang bo khudutlou bo lobeto ba ipha

Naga; Monday through Thursday we watched

Passions and the Bold, and Friday, the party

Pooper will show up; we will get elated at his

Arrival only to remember that Mr uptight is

In town, no more soapies nor over 13 movies


The ever cheerful, approachable and friendly

Character he was, yet so uncompromising when

It comes to discipline and the Word of God, so

Stern that some thought he was an old-fashioned

Christian, sin was sin for him; and enjoyment

Outside the principles of God was sin, no matter

How we tried to clean it, his firm stance on what to

Watch or not to watch seemed a little bit unfair


Little did we know that he was only trying to build

Us; I remember he would ask me questions on

Sunday about what I learnt at children’s Sunday

School, at that time I felt like he was testing my

Intelligence, for it will be question after question

And put me on the spotlight; and as years went by

These questions kept on troubling my being and

Now I started to pause and developed more interest


In who Jesus Christ really is, I eased my heart for

Understanding of the power of His death and

Resurrection; in short I realised that I was just a

Church goer; so it was then when I responded to

The call of salvation, and realised that he was only

Doing his heavenly duty: train up your child in the

Way he should go, and when he is of age he will not

Depart away from it; there is no better legacy than that

It is my prayer that I will leave such impression upon

My children; that they will remember me as the one

Who prepared their path towards light and eternal life


Prepared by: Tumelo Rannau

In honour of: The legendary Onkutule “Kruger” Rannau


So today is international teachers’ day, we

Remember all the brave men and women

Of this nation, the unsung heroes and

Heroines if you may say, the ones who

Taught us 123 and ABC, the mother of all

Professions they say; Sir Seretse Khama,

Amantle Montsho, Ratsie Setlhako, you

Name them; all are fruits of a teacher


They impart knowledge, nurture talent and

Provide guidance in life, jack of all trades

And master of none; a befitting cliché for them

Great impact they have in our lives, from pre

School through tertiary, without taking away

The spotlight from them, what if we can pause

And reflect on the greatest teacher of all time

Where does he or she comes from, you may ask


Well He is the Word, the One who became flesh,

The one who gave us life in abundance, He

Showed us how to live on this world full of

Tribulations and provided guidelines on how to

Flee from temptations of this world, He is famous

Of the Neighbour Lecture, Prodigal Son Address,

The Talents Report, The Shepherd Sermon, And

My all-time favourite, The Mustard Seed Speech


Because He loves us, when he left to be with the

Father He gave us another teacher; the Holy Spirit

For He is the only One who understand the mind

Of God, and the only being to provide us with

Understanding when it comes to spiritual things

Apart from providing one of His own, a part of the

Holy trinity, He gave us Paul, Timothy, Peter, you

Name them, but let me bring it closer to you, See He


Gave us Jimmy so we learn how to take the kingdom

By force, Kutlo so we obey His word, Suping for guiding

Us in His path, Chris for deep understanding of who He

Is, and then Molemosi for discernment of spirits I guess

That’s why Paul said you ought to be teachers by now, the

Question then is are you a teacher? If not how many

Children have you failed, where is the evidence of gaining

Knowledge, or should I say where are the fruits? The fruits






It is a pity that I have never written to you

My King, (shame on me) though I have

Esteemed you in some letters to those who

Surround me, I feel embarrassed that I have

Only cried unto you and not appreciated you

For the breath of life, as the curtain falls down

On death, and the sun rises for resurrection

I can only look back and say Ebenezer my King


It is amazing that you were there during death

I can only wonder what shall happen on the day

Of restoration, but why am I astonished? For you

Are called Wonderful, the one that leave us in awe,

Who can tell us Your mind? Only You can tell us

Your mind my Lord, before I get carried away in

The joy of Your awesomeness let me go back to the

Subject of this letter and once again say, Ebenezer


“Today is the youngest you have been and

The oldest you could possibly be”; this is a

Quote I came across about a week ago, it

Reminded me of the words of the Psalmist

When he said, “So teach us to number our

Days that we may get us a heart of wisdom”

Ever heard of that saying, day one nigga?

You are my day one nigga, you got my back


You are indeed Jehovah El-Roi; you have seen

Me through times of turbulence; you have

Guided my feet when they were on the path

To destruction; indeed you are a lamp unto my

Feet, for you lit my way when it was Dark, you

Lifted me up when I was deep in the muddy

Terrains, no I was on a free fall in a bottomless

Pit, and you stretched out your helping hand


Indeed Your hand is not too shortened to save

And nor ear too dull to hear, for it was You who

Said call unto Me and I will answer you………..

You will forever remain King of kings and Lords

Of lords, I have experienced victory even where

It seemed impossible, I guess this is what they call

Grace, ever sufficient for us, from the bottom of my

Heart I say to You my King, Ebenezer, Ebenezer


To God for granting me another year on earth



Culture; a form of identity they say, I

Sometimes detest my culture for being

Inert, and so I find myself advocating for

The least favourite saying in my country if

Not the continent; Culture is dynamic, for

My culture has killed more souls than it has

Protected, all in the name of family dignity, but

I wonder, can there be dignity without a soul?


I find myself praying for our very own version

Of Mikhail Gorbachev, somebody who will not

Be afraid to take us through a painful transition

Of glasnost, for our future generation is facing

Extinction, the very unit that is supposed to

Guard the welfare of our future is doing the exact

Opposite and we are silent in the name of dignity

But I wonder, can there be dignity without a soul?


We are a wicked nation, mothers turn against their

Daughters and fail to protect them from paedophiles,

All in the name of provision, we have sold the souls

Of our daughters to the lowest bidder, crumbs of bread

Is worth more than their survival, we have, in the

Name of culture legalised prostitution how hypocritical

Of us, anti-prostitution by the night and pro-prostitution

During the day, shame on us, shame on us, shame on us


Mothers and daughters have become enemies and

Daughters are accused of jealousy and evil plots

By the very same people they are supposed to trust

All because they ask for protection from wolves

Masquerading as sheep, what happened to the saying

“Mmangwana o tshwara thipa ka ha bogaleng”? What

Happened to “Mosadi ke thari ya setshaba”? Emang

Basadi, tsogang banna, our nation is perishing


Without being seditious let me ask with boldness,

Are we indeed a peaceful nation, does the distrust

Between daughters and mothers, enmity amongst

Nieces and uncles a sign of peace? Does our sisters’

Troubled and crushed souls indicate harmony? No,

Not when we are silenced and ask to forget in the name

Of culture, down with the culture of protecting rapists

And paedophiles, we on behalf of our sisters and daughters

Demand inner peace, down with cheap provision and dignity




It’s been long since I wrote to you

My Deborah; I thank the Potter that

You are well and still breathing, I find no

Better greeting than Paul’s words when

Addressing the Ephesians; I cease not

To give thanks for you.., your love and

Strength still startles me, you are indeed

A true embodiment of “Ngwana o anywa

Mmaagwe a sule”; the Proverbs 31:28

Woman; you are our heroine the Obza

Our very own Esther; the bold and lovely


I remember the fights and the arguments

The tossing of chairs and of cause the painful

Spoon and shoe thumping; who can forget the

“Kooteng lo raya ditsala tsa lona lere le tshameka

Le Obolokile” moments: the friendly chats and

My favourite of all these was the Colossians

3:20-21 debates; I thank you for fulfilling the

Proverbs 22:6 command; looking back I suspect

That you attended a lecture on Proverbs 13:24,

Above all I feel compelled to claim ownership to

Abraham Lincoln’s articulation when he said,

“I remember my Mother’s prayers, and they have

Always followed me, they have clung to me all my life”


For when the world seemed to have gotten grip

Over me, you exhibited the Estherly character

And heed to the call in Galatians 6:1, indeed

You are the epitome of that Tswana saying

“Mmangwana o tshwara thipa ka ha bogaleng”

And that is why I bequeath you the title Deborah

For when Kruger departed to be with the Lord

You, the daughter to Bra Ben le Kamsela arose

Yes, you arose and became a protector to us

Above heresies you arose and silenced many

With your deeds, indeed many daughters have

Done virtuously, but you outclass them all

Bokha Bokha, I do not remember ever saying

This to you, but there is no better day to say it

Than today, I love you mum and God bless